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VNIIGS Testing Centre


«Testing Centre VNIIGS» JSC is one of the oldest institutions in Russia working in construction industry which provides package solutions for companies in connection with a range of construction products. Our scope of work covers testing, evaluation and certification of the construction materials and the building components. The organization is composed of the Testing Centre and Certification Body.

Our full fledged laboratory with sophisticated equipment is ready to test such construction materials as:

  roofing, waterproofing and sealing materials

  finishing and facing materials

  insulation materials

  road materials

  paints and varnishes

  concrete and mortar

  polymeric materials

  metal structures

  wooden constructions

  tube and pipe components

   and much more. More than 100 tests are approved under official accreditation.

Testing Centre VNIIGS has full authority to conduct testing of materials and products used in construction industry necessary for obtaining certificates of complience with Russian State Standarts (GOST R) and  Russian State Standarts for building materials (Rosstroicertification).

VNIIGS Certification Body is registered and approved by Minister of Economic Development and accredited under Rosstroicertification system. We can certify either one batch of material (Certification Scheme 7) or material production line (Certification Scheme 3A).

We can assist you in obtaining all the necessary documentation needed if you wish to supply or sell your products in Russia. Please, do not hesitate to ask us for any help or assistance.

General Director - Irina Lonkevich, PhD.

E-mail: il@vniigs.ru

Phone: +7 812 412-87-93

Fax: +7 812 412-68-43


Postal address:

18, Khrustalnaya st.,

192019, St.Petersburg,

Russian Federation.